Plan Einstein Haydn


Plan Einstein Haydn is located on a courtyard and can be reached from the Joseph Haydnlaan. In the building you will find, among other things, a meeting room, sitting and working places and classrooms. In addition, VluchtelingenWerk and Welkom in Utrecht have offices there.

Plan Einstein
Joseph Haydnlaan 2A, 3533 AE Utrecht

Living together, learning together and working together, that’s Plan Einstein! Newcomers live, learn and work side by side with local residents and others.

Plan Einstein started in 2016. It is an initiative of the City of Utrecht, together with Social Impact Factory, Socius, Utrecht Center for International Entrepreneurship (which is part of Utrecht University), Vluchtelingenwerk Midden-Nederland and Volksuniversiteit Utrecht. In addition, COA is involved.  The universities of Oxford and Roehampton investigate the impact and results of the project on the neighborhood and the city. Many neighborhood organizations also make a contribution. Volunteer organizations the municipality cooperates with in Plan Einstein include Welkom in Utrecht, New Dutch Connections and Vrijwilligerscentrale Utrecht.

Integration from day 1

The starting point for Utrecht is an inclusive city: a city for and with everyone. The courses on Plan Einstein are therefore not only for refugees, but also for local residents. Utrecht also tries to keep refugees in Utrecht who receive a residence permit in the city or region as much as possible. This allows them to build their own network faster and to integrate better.

The courses that refugees and local residents can follow on Plan Einstein and the network they build can increase their chances of a better future, regardless of their status and wherever that future lies.

Example for Europe

The European Commission finds the Utrecht approach to learn and live together and integrate from day 1 an example for other cities in Europe. That is why Plan Einstein receives a subsidy from the European Urban Innovative Actions program from 2017 to 2019. Research is also being conducted into the innovative approach of Plan Einstein, so that other cities in Europe can learn from Utrecht.

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