Visiting Plan Einstein Pahud during your history class

On Thursday March 7, a 3 HAVO class of the Vathorst College in Amersfoort visited Welkom in Utrecht at Plan Einstein Pahud during their history lesson and it was a great success!

The students interacted with a number of residents to learn more about their lives in the Netherlands, at the asylum seekers’ center and their plans for the future.

They also cooked together and ended up eating delicious food together!

Here are some special reactions from the students, who clearly learned a lot from their experience and encounters!

“I had never really heard of an azc before. I had heard of refugee shelters but the azc looked much cozier than you see on the news, for example.”

“I thought it would be pretty closed and not as cozy as the azc we went to.”

“I learned mostly about how nice it is that such an azc exists and how satisfied they actually are with it. I also heard several times that it is very cozy there and that you can always do activities together with people (or have a drink together). And that even though everyone there has their own story, you all have something in common.”

“I learned about their past, and what it is like for them now to live in the asylum seekers’ center. Many of them are very happy with their place of residence and would like to work in the Netherlands.”

In short, an enjoyable afternoon from which the students learned a lot. Hopefully again next year!

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