To the Turkish rocker Haluk Levent

Last Saturday night, a group of Turkish refugees went to the concert of Turkish rocker Haluk Levent in TivoliVredenburg via Welkom in Utrecht. Read some of the rave reviews from participants below!

Kazim really liked the concert. It exceeded his expectations. He said he was surprised because it was the first time there was an activity especially for Turks, and he is very happy about it. He thanks us as a Welkom in Utrecht team because we are very active with our activities, and he loves our activities.

uygu thinks Haluk Levent is a great artist and has always wanted to go to his concert. She is very happy that we from Welkom in Utrecht organized this. She thanks us for organizing this concert.

Elif loved the concert! She didn’t expect to like it so much. She is very happy to have seen Haluk Levent up close and personal. In general, she really likes our activities, but she is especially happy that through us she was able to go to a concert by someone she knew, and she thanks us for that.

Günbike really liked the concert. She did not expect to be so satisfied because she actually came to the concert for her friend. But she noticed that it was so much fun that she suddenly started dancing in the middle of the concert. This concert made her feel more relaxed, and she thanks us for organizing it.

We again thank TivoliVredenburg for offering the tickets. Hopefully many more concerts will follow! ❤

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