Refugees on the road with students from C.S. Veritas

What fun students from student union C.S. Veritas and young residents of the asylum center had on a warm Wednesday afternoon in June!

Actually, not much is needed to make such a meeting a success, really being interested in each other is enough. And then nice contacts develop.

Where are you from, what did you study in Yemen or in Syria? Were you able and allowed to go to school in Eritrea or Sierra Leone? But also just what music do you like to listen to?

They took a fun tour of the city, took a funny quiz, ate a sandwich that students often eat, and they took a picture on the rainbow crosswalk like the famous picture in which the Beatles did the same thing on a crosswalk in Liverpool.

Of course, they also paid a visit to the Veritas student union itself and then they settled down in Park Lepelenburg for a delicious picnic.

Thanks to the students for the fun initiative!!!

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