Proud of our Benyam

How proud we, as Welkom in UTrecht, are of our Benyam Goush Alema from Eritrea! ❤

As a resident of the AZC he quickly became an active participant in our activities and later he helped us enormously in the contact with Eritrean residents through the volunteer work he did with us. By now he has found his way in Utrecht and he is already playing his second theater piece with Stut Theater as part of the Café Theater Festival.

We are very curious to see what he will show us in the performance “In transit”. The performance is made under the inspiring direction of Eros Chien, Taiwanese director, who himself will also play along.

The performance will be played on Feb. 29 and will begin at 8 p.m. at the restaurant A Beautiful Mess Utrecht on the grounds of the asylum center at Joseph Haydnlaan 2.

At 6 p.m. there will also be Eritrean injera cooked and you can join us for dinner (for €15 euro you pay for yourself and an azc resident ). Would you like to come and watch? And would you like to eat? Send a message to Of course you can also just come and watch! See you then! 😃

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