1 year of Star Lodge!

A little over a year ago, the Star Lodge Hotel was converted into an emergency shelter for refugees. A temporary AZC for about 300 people. At first, because of Corona, there was not much to do other than walk in the area. Fortunately, an enthusiastic group of local residents soon gathered to form a walking group, and buddy pairs were formed. From this our language cafes were born, where now more than 60 couples practice Dutch every week! But besides that, a lot more happened at the Star Lodge this year: we cooked, played sports, made music, did crafts, went to the beach at Scheveningen and to the ice rink, donated cuddly toys and decorated our Welkom in Utrecht Living Room. Without the help of our volunteers and partners we could not have done this. Big thanks to everyone who contributed and who knows what's to come in the near future!

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