Plan Einstein Pahud gives space for meeting and development to all residents and the neighbourhood: from everyday things such as cooking, eating and socializing to special activities such as courses, cultural evenings and a neighborhood party. With the idea that a social and stimulating environment gives all residents the confidence and ability to build their future. As a resident of Pahud you contribute to this. Simply by living there, getting to know each other, actively participating and being a good neighbour.

Since the beginning of February 2023, 30 young people from Utrecht (Overvecht) have been renting a studio on the grounds of the new azc Utrecht Overvecht. About 300 asylum seekers and status holders live in the other units - with four people per studio. 'Plan Einstein Pahud' is located in the building next door where they can meet each other and other Utrecht residents during workshops and courses. Where they can cook together, or drink coffee and play a game. Plan Einstein at its best: live together, learn together and work together.

Plan Einstein Pahud is there for young and old, for people with diverse cultural backgrounds and interests. In addition to the Plan Einstein partners' own activities, connections are also made with the neighbourhood, such as the library. A project with the Central Museum is also being considered.


What is special about Plan Einstein Pahud is the special attention to the theme of 'work'. We want some of the refugees to be able to work and to achieve that we are committed to removing as many obstacles as possible that they often encounter in their search for work. This is complex because, in addition to laws and regulations, there are all kinds of aspects that make it difficult for refugees to find work. In any case, Plan Einstein contributes to one important precondition for finding work: building a social network.

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